Viva la Vida

Welcome to the Salitos Beach

Salitos Beach

Real Friends, true joy:
SALITOS beach time!

Here, only one thing matters: being authentic and celebrating life. A place where every day is a great day, filled with South American zest for life. Ready for the ultimate way to chill, have fun and simply be yourself? Then you’re in the right place.

Favourite place

SALITOS in hand, toes in the sand: The perfect combination

SALITOS BEACH offers much more than just the perfect spot to relax. Here, you can look forward to ice-cold SALITOS, delicious snacks and an atmosphere you won’t be able to get enough of. Chill out on one of our stylish day beds or get comfy on our coveted sun loungers. The sun on your skin, a SALITOS in your hand and good vibes all round. Cheers!


More than a beach!

Good news for everyone who can’t get enough of SALITOS BEACH: we’ve got three of them! Every beach is unique, but all of them have the same promise – unforgettable days basking in the sun, chilling out and enjoying the best SALITOS vibe. Three beaches – three opportunities to live life to the fullest. Where shall we meet?



Sennelagerstraße 66
33106 Paderborn

Düne 13

Loheide 22a
33609 Bielefeld

Napoli Beach

Großer Burstah 1-3
20457 Hamburg