New: SALITOS TROPICAL CHILI – Sharpness meets exotic sweetness

Tequila lovers, pay attention! SALITOS introduces an exciting novelty to the market with TROPICAL CHILI. This shot combines the authentic flavor of SALITOS TEQUILA with the sweetness of mango and passion fruit and an intriguing hint of chili. The perfect balance between fruitiness and spiciness makes this party shot an unforgettable taste experience.

A tribute to the diverse culture of Mexico

Whether eating, dancing, or celebrating – Tequila is an integral part of Mexican life and is enjoyed on all occasions. At the heart of this tradition is the Día de los Muertos, the festival that celebrates life and death and reminds us to cherish every moment. That’s exactly what it’s about: loving life and enjoying every moment. Tequila is not just a drink; it’s a spirit that connects people worldwide.

With SALITOS TROPICAL CHILI, every night becomes a party

“Tequila is a language understood worldwide,” says Theresa Steltenkamp, Brand Manager of SALITOS. “Inspired by the joy of Día de los Muertos, we developed TROPICAL CHILI not only to respond to the growing global interest in Tequila but also to offer innovative and high-quality Tequila shots that make every night an unforgettable experience.”

The perfect blend of tradition and innovation

SALITOS TROPICAL CHILI combines the best of two worlds: the deep tradition of Tequila consumption and modern taste experiences. With a unique blend of the sweetness of ripe mangos and passion fruits, the authentic kick of SALITOS TEQUILA SILVER, and a touch of chili, it offers an exciting alternative to the classic varieties of SALITOS TEQUILA GOLD and SILVER.

Experience the distinctive taste that makes your party special

SALITOS TROPICAL CHILI is now available and the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy nightlife to the fullest. This unique shot adds a special kick to every party and is the ideal companion for unforgettable nights. Available in selected bars, clubs, and retail stores.